Do I need a ticket?

Nah – it’s a free event, just as it should be.
You’re very welcome to pitch up see a band, then go check out some other venues with great music.
In fact, we encourage this as there’s a wealth of great talent and fantastic venues to go and see.

Are kids welcome?

Oh yeah of course, we love to see families enjoying our brilliant stage and artists. We are family.

Where are you?

Since 2022 we’ve relocated our annual festival to Heeley People’s Park, Gleadless Road, Heeley, Sheffield, S2 3AB. It’s about a mile from The Dorothy Pax. Heeley People’s Park is one of the largest community-owned spaces in Europe, and we couldn’t think of anywhere better to host this FREE event for the community of Sheffield!

Where can I stay?

There’s 100’s of great places to stay in Sheffield, check them out hereĀ 

Is there food and drinks available?

Yup Slurp! – We have a large bar at Pax In The Park where you’ll find the usual Dorothy Pax quality beverages, so you shouldn’t have to wait long to be enjoying our great craft ales, continental lagers, ciders, wines, spirits. We always have a great selection of low and no alcohol beers, with added great soft drinks too. Over the weekend we love to show off the great breweries we have in Sheffield and will be picking some great local ales for you to enjoy.
Yummy! – We’ll have loads of food stalls for you to choose from and plenty of veg/vegan options. Please show them some love.
We understand if you’re on a budget you may wish to bring a picnic, that’s all good! Save us some Salad!

What’s the access like?

Heeley People’s Park has lots of flat accessible paths and walkways, Taggy’s field where the main stage is, is flat too. We don’t know what the weather will be like at the moment, so if need be bring your walking boots and wellies! There’s plenty easy accessible porta-loos, do let us know if we can do ANYTHING to make your time with us more enjoyable. Quite simple if we can, we will please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have you’d like to discuss anything that’ll make your time with us easier.

Where can I park?

We’d encourage you to use public transport if you can, or walk! We are not providing any parking for the public for this event.

Public Transport?

There’s lots of bus services that run near by, and the walk from Sheffield Station to the park (unlike the rest of Sheffield) is actually quite flat! You can plan your journey here: https://journeyplanner.travelsouthyorkshire.com/

Who is Dorothy Pax?

The Dorothy Pax was the last ever Sheffield Keel, built in 1860 and used to travel from us to Hull and back.
The Dorothy Pax’s permanent home makes use of the last remaining timbers of the boat for our bar-top. We won’t be bringing this bar-top to Pax in the Park though, it weighs a tonne! It’s a wonder she could ever float!

What else is there to do?

Apart from the music on the main stage, we’ll have craft vendors, stalls, and lots of other entertainment in between acts on the main stage. We’re also located between The Sheaf View and The Brothers Arms so why not check out what they’ve got going on? L

What do I bring?

You, your family and friends, come share our space.
Smiles, Joy & Vibes.
Ear plugs will be supplied if you need them, please bring defenders for smaller children.
Please come prepared for the weather that day, bring your waterproofs if need be or sun-cream and a hat. We can’t predict the British weather in summer, all we can do is perform a stop the rain dance if necessary.
If your bringing your hound, please keep them on a lead at all times and be aware that doggies hearing is a lot more sensitive then ours so they may not like the loud music.

What don’t I bring?

Booze! – We’d ask that you support our bars, as this event is totally FREE the only monies we generate to cover the costs is drinks sales, help us to keep this event free. We know times are hard though so if you do bring any drinks along with you, please do not bring any glass. Let’s protect the Park as lots of small humans and doggos play there the rest of the year. Any glass will be decanted by security into plastic and disposed of properly.
Drugs! – It’s naughty & bad for you.
Anything that you’d not want your mum to know about!
Bad Karma – we’re an inclusive minority led venue, we celebrate diversity. Pax in the Park is all about the music and good times, we will not tolerate any bad behaviors it’s quite simple you’ll be escorted off site and invited not to return. If necessary we will not hesitate to involve the police and we’ll be sure to let our fellow venues.
Tell Us! – If someone is making you feel uncomfortable please let us know and we’ll sort it. They’re will be security all around site, don’t worry they are nice, approachable people who will help resolve any issues you may have.

I wanna play your stage?

We’re fully booked for Pax in the Park 2023 and will start programming Pax in the Park 2024 in August 2023. If you’d like to be considered then, please get in contact in August 2023, any applications before then will be invalid.